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About Us

We take it upon themselves to educate the local farmers and upgrade the manufacturing process, prioritizing hygiene, sanitation, and quality, while not compromising the authenticity of the traditional recipe. The manufactured Everest Dog Chews are transported from the local farmers to our warehouse. Our products are further cleaned naturally with lime juice and are cut to specific sizes in our facilities. Lastly, the highest quality chews are packaged and shipped internationally to be enjoyed by your dogs.

Unique Recipe, our hardworking partners and our mission with Everest Dog Chews

Himalayan Recipe

From the mountains of the Himalayas, we bring you all organic yak cheese for your dogs chewing pleasure. Handmade by the Himalayan farmers, our products are only made by using traditional methods and ingredients from around the region.

Our Partners

We sustainably source all our yak milk through direct trade relationships with the hardworking farmers of the rural regions who utilize all natural, free-range feeding practices to ensure only the highest quality treats are produced.

Our Mission

It is rare to find dog treats that aren't filled with chemicals, additives and preservatives in the pet industry today. Most pet products seem healthy until you find out the ingredients used in the process and the harm it may come with it. With only 4 ingredients, Everest Dog Chews are a different type of treat. An all natural treat that comes from the ancient recipes of the Himalayan region. We strive to provide every dog with a natural snack completely chemical free as well as grain free. Our product is so healthy that even you could snack on it, just as the natives of the Himalayas often do.  We work directly with the local farmers who are producing chews for us. One of our key missions is to keep this symbiotic relationship prosperous in order to nurture our own community.

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